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Chicken Security

Foxes and other Predators are active in the night. If you forget to close the door, there could be a loss of chicken.

The Fox lurches around. He gets over the fence and into the chicken run. The Door is open.


What would Gerti and your chickens (Ami, Sissy, Chickki, BlackSpot, Speedy and Rooster King) Say when I left open the Door.
Thanks to my installation of the Automatic Door I don't forget to close and that keeps me and my wife happy.

Automatic close

After 30 minutes LightSensor detects Darkness very slowly that chicken have time to get in and don't get locked out.

If no Darkness is detected after Alarm Set 23:00, the Door will close and protocols every action.
On Tuesdays the Automatic Door closes at 20:00 because Neighbours and regulatory guidelines.
With Light Sensor only closes at night and the chicken are secure.

The Fox is Out

The Fox is in front of the last frontier the chicken door. It is closed. The Fox can't get in. Additional the Motion Sensor will get active.
If Motion is detected Light will go on to keep predators away we call that chicken police.

Light Sensor and Additional Motion Sensor for marten fright outdoor while keeping Chicken securely indoor.

Good for the Chicken, and no fear from the fox.

You could go early to bed. Your Chicken
are secure and the doors are closed.
But you have to get up early. Chicken are unhappy because the can not out.

Stay in Bed

with your loved one. Don't worry about letting the chicken out when the fox attack is over.
The Chicken Defense Security Automatic Coop Door has an integrated Alarm Clock Timer.
It disarms the Motion Detector and opens the door.

Freedom on Sunrise

Set your preferences to Automatic Open at 6 am except on Sunday because of the environment.
On Sunday it opens at 8 am.
On Monday it opens when Light for 15 minutes.

These intelligent Weekly settings can not be done with other door operators.

Become a Beta Tester and Support Us. You get in 2 weeks build time one unique ChickenSecurity Automated Door EAN: ChickenSecurity,com, 160x80x30mm, 1kg Door Weight, WIFI, Years Operation)

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