Football Statistics Software

This list will make your life simpler! - 10 sites for football statistics - The sites listed in that this page are in no specific order. For each one of them its potential to find stats on cards, corners, offside and shots, fouls. All the stats can be found for the preceding and current season they're presented as tables and away matches. The stats are accessible on players of the leagues. Another interesting section of the website is the one dedicated to match stats, where its possible to find the best teams for betting on classic markets like Over\/Under 2.5 targets or Both Team To Score.

SoccerSTATS - SoccerSTATS appears obsolete and basic it provides data for bulk of the world leagues when the leagues feature more stats. All the stats provided by the website are based on goals, but they can be extremely detailed covering half time scores, scores per 10 minutes, lead duration, frequent scores at full time and half time, home\/away advantage and many others. Vast majority of the stats can be found for the previous 4 seasons. This is the web site you need 26, if you need to compare 2 groups to forecast the number of goals or the result. STATBUNKER - Statbunker provides many statistics on all the primary European Championships and for nearly all of these of the stats cover of the last 10 or more years.

For each league you will find available stats on goals, outcomes, cards, penalties and several others. All of the stats are presented in table form and may be ordered by any field. Probably the most intriguing feature of this web site is the chance to limit the rankings to a specific range of minutes. For instance its possible to find of the table of the Premier League considering only of the points for of the first 10 or fifteen minutes of play. Footstats - Footstats supplies classic football data only on the top European leagues like fouls, corners, cards, goals, but they also provide data on the referees for all those leagues and detailed statistics on several European clubs.

An intriguing feature of the web site is the chance to make form tables based on any amount of games. This could be especially useful when attempting to analyze the kind of a team in different phases of the season. Another intriguing feature is the chance to export all the statistics into Microsoft Excel format, this could be very useful for any sort of off line analysis. Squawka - Squawka is one of the most visually appealing web site of this list, because of its modern and slick design. Despite not provide all the statistics offered by other websites, it offers some interesting numbers like attack\/defence scores and different tools for comparing different teams.